Our foundations

What makes software work great

# We want to make perfect work
Our goal is to help small businesses and start-ups to grow through software they can blindly trust.
That's why we designed our workflow to perfectly fit our clients needs and ensure high-quality development process.
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Our development workflow for progressive web appsOur development workflow for mobile native apps
# Foundation 1 UX-first
We always design software before we build it: that's our philosophy. We believe that providing great user experience is not all about designing user interfaces, but developing strong core functionalities.
Your app could manage millions of data and we'll make it work smooth and fast, preventing crashes and dangerous bugs. Your users will love the stable environment our software offers.
# Foundation 2 Modern, scalable, bulletproof technologies
First rule of good software: it is up-to-date with latest technologies. Our tech stack is bulletproof, this means we have tested it over and over and achieved amazing results.
We are passionate hacker, always keep learning about latest frameworks and programming languages and we only work with technologies we are familiar with and can rely on.
Technologies we use to make web-apps and mobile appsTechnologies we use to make web-apps and mobile apps
# Foundation 3 Safety and data protection
Today data is the new gold, and we are maniac of data protection. That's why we use secure data storage techniques and advanced encryption methods.
We only work with certified services trusted from thousands of companies all over the world like Heroku Cloud Application Platform, Stripe, Amazon AWS, mLab ecc.
# Our workflow
Wireframes and rapid prototyping
Our software design process begins with lots of wireframes, mockups and prototyping. We start by defining main functionalities and user interactions.
Then we create relations between functionalities and data, like data flow, database structure and every data-driven action. We build rapid prototypes that show exactly what the result will be like.
Mockups and wireframes we design before start building apps
State-of-the-art development
When every detail of the application is defined, the fun begins: top-quality development with latest technologies. We always build your product from scratch so we can customize every part for you.
From the beginning of development, we lay solid foundations: security, stability, accessibility. This avoids crappy beta versions with lots of bugs and lags. We have powerful software test and analysis tools, so we can deliver real state-of-the-art applications.
We build mobile and web applications with latest technologies