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Handcrafted software solutions for your company
# Why us
state-of-the-art software development
We provide great solutions for your business using modern and reliable technologies.
Our development process guarantees high-quality software you can trust that is also easy to use.
We create top-quality software using amazing technologies and high-skilled developers
From prototypes to worldwide known apps
We design software that users love by developing quick prototype and testing every functionality of your product.
With a strong passion and a deep knowledge of web technologies, we are able to make scalable apps to reach people from all over the world.
We are developing scalable digital projects for agencies, brands and, startups
Our foundations
When we founded Bricks, we built our workflow on these simple foundations, and it is working perfectly since then.
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Our development workflow to create UX-first applicationsOur development workflow to create UX-first applications
# What we (love to) do
We make beautiful progressive web apps
Hand-made website and beautiful web-apps
Web-based solutions are our favourite choice when it comes to create scalable products for worldwide audience.
We build progressive web apps, using cloud platforms and cutting-edge technologies. Our designers love to deliver UX-first applications with great UI.
We make beautiful mobile applications
Stunning UX-first mobile apps
We design amazing mobile apps, both for Android and iOS, following native design guidelines, like Material Design and Human-center Design.
When developing mobile apps, we only rely on native languages and frameworks, so we can guarantee smooth and clean results.
# Contacts
We'd like to get in touch with you!
We love to connect with new people, for collaborations, projects or even education purpose. Let's create new opportunities together!
We are working as digital partner with many companies and we want to help yours too. Do you need a custom solution for your business? Write us now.
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